Collision Repairs

Collision RepairIf your car was damaged in an accident – we can help!  We have over 40 years in the auto repair industry and our expertly trained repair team can get your automobile looking as great as the day you bought it!  Whether you have minor scratches and dents – or more serious damage, Shirley Auto Body has the ability and expertise to repair it.

At Shirley Auto Body, our certified repair technicians will bring your vehicle back to pre-loss condition using only the finest materials and best parts.  Expert color matching and state of the art equipment will keep your vehicles warranty in full effect.
Call us before you call your insurance company. Repairing today’s vehicles to full, pre-accident condition requires extensive knowledge of complex, computerized mechanical systems. Air bag monitoring systems, computerized engine controls,  temperature sensors and more require the latest tools and specialized test equipment. It is our job to protect you and your vehicle. We have licensed New York State auto appraisers to make sure you get paid the correct amount to repair your vehicle.  So call us today and get back on the road fast!